Written by Beth Cooper on January 14, 2022

What is Holistic Wellness Coaching?

I think if we’re all honest with ourselves, we can remember a time when we could have used a little help. Sometimes maybe even more than a little. If we reached out at all, we may have reached out to a friend, a parent, a doctor, etc. In some cases, this is exactly the help we needed but in other cases…we were still left in need of something more. 

The guide, not the guru

It is in this something more, that Holistic Wellness coaching can be found. Coaching is a process that aims to improve something (performance, results, habits, mindset, etc.) and focuses on the here and now rather than on the distant past or future. An important differentiator of coaching is that the coach is not intending to be the expert but instead the coach is a facilitator of learning. Are you familiar with the saying ‘Be the Guide, not the Guru’?  That’s at the core of Coaching. 

Whole person focused

As we look more specifically at Holistic Wellness Coaching, this is where the coach focuses on the whole person, not just how much water they are drinking or what their step tracker says at the end of the day. A Holistic Wellness Coach focuses on the whole person because they know that every area of an individual’s life affects other areas. For example, relationship issues might be a trigger causing someone to choose too many comfort foods, which might in turn cause weight gain, inflammation, and accumulating stress. 

The goal

Clients may seek out a Holistic Wellness Coach for issues with nutrition, stress, fitness, or weight. But we dig deeper and help uncover the real root of many of these struggles, which can include how well their relationships, career, finances, mindset, emotions, spirituality, and purpose are. The overall goal for a Holistic Wellness Coach is to help people create total well-being in their lives. 

Still not really sure what a Holistic Wellness Coach is or does? Get the FAQ's here.

Are you ready to live a life you love?

Are you chronically stressed, burned out, and exhausted? Are you ready to take control of your wellness and live a life you love? I can help you. I'm Beth, a Holistic Wellness Coach and I’d like the opportunity to help you figure out what’s not working in your life, and begin a transformation. Schedule a complimentary virtual discovery session with me today.


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