About Me

I don't believe there is a one size fits all solution to our challenges. We are all unique with our own individual stories. What works for me, may not work for you. It's not that you failed or did something wrong—it just wasn't the right solution for you. I use an approach rooted in curiosity with my clients so that together we can find the right solution for you.Beth

Hi, I'm Beth 

Beth Wellness Coach Raleigh

We all have a story. A sequence of events that have become our life and have made us who we are. My story is that I was always saying yes to everything. I was available to everyone, all of the time. I was operating in an elusive state of feeling "less than" that led me to believe that my productivity built my worth.

I know what burnout looks and feels like.

I know firsthand the harm limiting beliefs can have on a person.

I also know that there is another way. I made ME a priority. I found a new language to express myself. I developed new habits. I set boundaries. I learned how to truly breathe. I reconnected with myself.

I decided to document my own personal wellness journey and from that, I created a simple four-step process to help women reconnect with themselves.

As a certified Holistic Wellness Coach, I want to share all that I have learned as well as what it takes to find your purpose and joy and how you can live a life you love.

Education and Certifications

I received my Bachelor’s of Psychology and Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University and my Masters of Business Administration from Franklin University. I obtained a certificate in Mindfulness from Allegra Learning Solutions, LLC and Reiki Level I, II, and Master/Teacher program from Udemy. I'm a certified Meditation Trainer and Breathwork Trainer from Loka Yoga (recognized by YACEP) and have earned my Holistic Wellness Coach certificate from the IAWP.

Are you ready to make YOU a priority?

Ready to develop new habits? Set healthy boundaries? Learn how to truly breathe and reconnect with yourself? Grab some time on my calendar today.

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